3D CT Scan ā€“ State-of-the-Art Dental Imaging at Your Service

3D CT Scan (X-ray) Budapest, Hungary - Radiography for dental treatmentDental technology has been improving at an incredible rate, significantly raising the level of care for dental patients. From treatment methods to diagnostics tools, the field of dentistry has seen exciting developments.

Once such development is 3D dental imaging, thus adding a whole new dimension to the traditional 2D views offered by X-ray technology.

3D imaging steps up the game, offering unmatched precision and accuracy, so that dentists can have a detailed visualisation of the problems patients are having with their teeth, and draw up a customised treatment plan.

What is 3D Dental Technology?

A cone-beam computed tomography machine, also known as a CBCT machine takes a scan of your mouth to create a series of images, which can be collected and converted into a three-dimensional model that can be used in a variety of dental procedures.

The scan is ready in a couple of minutes and gives a precise and in-depth visualisation of your mouth, providing great detail of what are the changes that have occurred.

What are Its Advantages?

A 3D CT Scan is a far superior imaging technology compared to 2D technologies that have preceded it.

Its advantages include:

  • Ready in a short time: the CBCT scans involved in 3D dentistry can create the required scan in a single rotation, limiting the time spent on the scan;
  • Minimal exposure time: exposure to radiation is limited since the primary X-ray beam in 3D CBCT scanners limits radiation only to the area of interest;
  • Image accuracy & detail: 3D CBCT imaging can offer highly accurate measuring and imaging, allowing the dentist to pinpoint problems with the highest degree of certainty;
  • Bone quality assessment: 3D scans can help assess bone quality before an implant procedure and determine the size and location of lesions and breaks;
  • Completely non-intrusive: the CBCT scans your entire head with around 10 seconds without you having to do anything.

3D dental imaging has vast applications in dentistry, especially when it comes to cosmetic or restoration procedures, where it allows the dentist to better plan for root canal treatments, bone grafts, onlays, inlays, veneers, or crowns.

It also has applications in orthodontic concerns and implant procedures, enhancing the customizability of services and ensuring correct placing or fitting of dental implants.

Why Should You Get a 3D CT Scan?

Your dentist will recommend a 3D CT Scan to better assess your dental health. 3D dentistry allows a more reliable examination, assessment and diagnosis compared to traditional imaging methods. Your dentist will be able to devise a reliable, accurate and customized dental plan and you can save quite a lot on dental treatment cost if done in Budapest, Hungary.

Our dental clinic offers various dental imaging services including 3D CT scans. Because of our on-site dental imaging laboratory, diagnostic times are shortened, and dental treatment can be commenced much faster.

This is especially important for patients that are visiting our clinic from abroad and who are time constrained.

Because our Budapest clinic offers comprehensive dental services, patients from Ireland and the UK can enjoy fast diagnosis and treatment times during their appointment at our clinic.