European Dental Tourism suffers from some horror stories

Dental tourism is a fairly booming business especially in Central European countries such as Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic. This fact must have some reasons. In the USA a dental implant cost patients about 4000 US dollars however if they spend a dental holiday in one of the above mentioned Central European countries, they can get the very same treatment for a fraction of the price meanwhile they can visit dozens of beautiful attractions.

Unfortunately there are several myths concerning dental clinics in Central Europe that make people uncertain to choose this possibility even if they are completely false.

Gossip No. 1.

Patients choosing a Central European dental clinic receive terrible treatment. This is a complete lie. These clients find high quality standards and professional staff who are trained the most developed technologies 99% of these clients leave the surgeries totally satisfied as the service level meets all their needs and requirements and often surpasses their expectations.

Horror stories about dental experiences can be heard all over the world, you do not need to travel to Central Europe for them.

Gossip No. 2.

When you travel to Europe for a dental treatment, you will not find multilingual staff and communication will be a hard task. Untrue again. Highly developed dentist clinics pay attention to hire a professional staff able to speak even more foreign languages. The reason for this is the goal to attract more and more foreign patients to their clinics who can afford top quality treatments. Several Hungarian dentists finished their studies in the UK, France or the US.

Gossip No. 3.

In Central Europe dental clinics charge less for their services because the staff is not professional. False again. Hungary for instance has a fairly high standard educational system in medicine general and especially in dentistry. Even countries such as UK, Hungarian dentists are warmly welcome without passing any extra exams. So you can be sure to receive a top quality service when you visit a reputable Hungarian clinic.

Gossip No. 4.

Undeveloped dental equipment. Actually in dental practices located in the heart of Budapest the most developed technologies and technical equipment are used, and professionalism is one of the main advantages, not to mention affordable prices.