Microscopic Root Canal Treatment

Microscopic Root Canal TreatmentMicroscopic root canal treatment offers precision and accuracy in discovering details of the root canal that aren’t normally visible to the naked eye, thus facilitating and ensuring the success of the treatment.

In many cases traditional root canal treatment cannot provide satisfactory results, and only a microscopic root canal treatment can help.

What is Microscopic Root Canal Treatment?

The dentist uses a special microscope to identify and remove inflamed or infected tissue that causes pain and discomfort to patients.

Some teeth can have multiple root canals (some teeth can have as many as 6 root canals), some of which can be thin as a hair strand.

With the extreme magnification offered by the special microscope designed for medical treatments, all problem areas can be explored and treated.

When is it Recommended?

Traditional root canal treatment may be useful in some cases, but not all teeth are made the same, and therefore, in cases when the root canal is extremely narrow or when infected tissues are not visible, microscopic root canal treatment can be the answer.

A tooth that has already undergone traditional root canal treatment and continues to cause pain, should be examined with the help of a special microscope that can identify inflamed tissue or root canals that weren’t visible during traditional treatment methods.

Why Not Remove a Problematic Tooth Instead?

Removing a tooth is always a last resort treatment. Usually, dentists will exhaust all other treatment options before resorting to a tooth extraction.

Because no tooth replacement can ever be as good as your natural teeth, your dentists will do all in their power to salvage your natural teeth.

When tooth decay is so advanced that it reaches the pulp of the tooth and causes infection or inflammation, root canal treatment is the recommended course of action.

A microscopic root canal procedure takes less time, it’s more affordable, and can successfully save an inflamed or infected tooth compared to removing the tooth and placing an implant instead.

A microscopic root canal treatment is considered successful when all the diseased pulp is removed, the infection has been cleared from the root canal and the tooth has been sealed.

Is Microscopic Treatment of the Root Canal Expensive?

Because of the instruments and materials used during the microscope-aided treatment of the root canal, this procedure is more expensive than the traditional way of treating the root canal.

Because the microscopic method has a much higher success rate than the traditional method, dentists will recommend it instead.

Even the subsequent treatment of a tooth initially treated with the traditional method is still less expensive and less invasive than removing the tooth and placing a replacement implant or bridge.

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